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A walk in the park……


I just want to add something…

I don´t know if everyone knows what is showed on the last pictures.

These are “Salinen” where water is running down small branches.

It is salty.

In summer it is very fresh and cooling and also good for health.



Sorry….most of these pics are taken during a tour with the hop on -bus


TV-Tower of Berlin.There is a café that is moving around……

Berliner Reichstag…..where politic is made

Siegessäule with its 300 t golden figure on top

Back from Berlin

I´m back from my short trip to Berlin.

It was the first time I visited Berlin.Very interesting and pulsating city.

Short trips are always very tough 😉


Ironman Germany


Ironman Germany

I would like to take some pics of the Ironman bikers outside my door……but it`s so rainy today 😦

Maybe it´s getting better later on…..

Concert-pictures from Dorsten,Germany

Morten Harket in concert

formerly frontman of a-ha

concert-pictures from Dorsten,Germany

Dorsten,June 30 th

The norwegian band “Katzenjammer”