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  1. Good luck with your new blog. Thank you for visiting mine. You will find my pictures at
    All the best.

  2. Very nice photos! Thank you for the like today!

  3. Another thank you for signing up to follow me!

  4. Thanks for drawing my attention to your blog. Good photography what I’ve seen of it so far and I mean to explore your blog a whole lot more.

  5. Hi, thanks for liking some of my pics and following my blog. You have some great pics too. Look forward to seeing more. — Rob

  6. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Hope to see many more of your pictures.

  7. Thanks for following my blog.

  8. Thanks for the follow :-). It’s always nice to get a fellow outsider’s view of Norway. Gotta admit I love the place apart from the weather, but being Scottish I’m more used to it than most!

    Lyke til.


    • Thanks for your nice comment 🙂
      In dec. 2010 it was really cold in Oslo.Most trips I did in winter .But this year I´ve been in Oslo in May and September too….it was soooo sunny and warm.
      Next trip in 2 weeks 😉

  9. Hi Sunny, and thank you for the follow. I’m impressed with some of your shots – particularly like the Oslo underground shots.

  10. Hi :), thank you for stopping by my blog with your generous “Like`s” on my photos. I`m delighted to find so many great pics in your blog so consider me in ;)!
    a`la Billy the red Cat 🙂

  11. I meant to say this earlier, but don’t think I ever did. Thank you for following! It is great to have you stop by.

  12. Hi! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the like! 🙂

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